A Web Development Portfolio

I'm Kelsey Reid, a .NET web developer in Kansas City. I graduated from Centriq training in May 2015 and I am combining my creative and logical abilities into a fulfilling career. Here you will find some sample projects I have worked on along the way.


The more you know! Training, observation and experience develop into problem-solving ability. I'm always ready to research an issue to find out how it can be solved.


Try something new! Looking at projects from multiple angles can result in innovation. I draw inspiration from many forms of art, music, and design.


Make it happen! Whether it's a personal project or as part of something bigger, I love to see how I can positively affect the world around me.

A little about me...

I'm Kelsey Reid, a C# web developer in Kansas City. I originally come from a musical backgorund, playing oboe in college and then spending several years as a band instrument repair technician. Music and repair helped me develop skills such as teamwork, troubleshooting and logic. I changed direction in 2015 when I went to Centriq Training and began a career as a developer. Since then, I have enjoyed building my skills and learning new technology while working in this ever-changing industry!